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The Digital Technologies Institute (DTI) in Brisbane, Australia, was founded in 2016 by Dr. Karsten Schulz. The Institute aims to make complex computer science concepts accessible and engaging for both students and teachers. It achieves this through the development of educational kits, online courses, and professional development resources that emphasise hands-on learning without the need for coding skills.


Dr. Karsten Schulz

Dr. Karsten Schulz, an accomplished engineer and computer scientist, has a rich ICT and digital technologies background and is the founder of the Digital Technologies Institute. He is a well-sought keynote speaker known for his digital technologies and AI education expertise. He has an extensive background in the ICT sector and has contributed significantly to initiatives to improve STEM education in Australia. His work includes the creation of the Young ICT Explorers Competition and the Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge, demonstrating his commitment to advancing computer science education in Australia.

Support Received

The DTI has received notable support from the Future Minds Accelerator, the Queensland Government’s Ignite Ideas program, and Google Education. This funding has helped the Institute expand its offerings and reach a broader audience, furthering its mission to innovate and simplify digital education. The Future Minds program was co-sponsored by Amazon Web Services.

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MyComputerBrain: Learning Platform

MyComputerBrain is an educational platform developed by the Digital Technologies Institute to simplify the teaching and learning of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science in schools. This platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources that enable teachers and students to explore and understand AI concepts through hands-on, interactive learning experiences. MyComputerBrain has its own built-in AI, allowing students to observe an AI's learning and thinking process. 

B4 Computer Kits

The B4 Computer Kits let students explore the fundamental aspects of computing. They support the teaching of the knowledge and understanding of digital systems, data representation, and algorithms and help tackle some of the hard concepts, such as binary numbers, variables, and algorithm development.

The B4 consists of modules that represent a computer's core functions, such as binary counting, adding, memory, graphics, etc. Students undertake experiments with these, which lead to increasingly sophisticated hardware and software arrangements.


Impact On Schools

Introducing MyComputerBrain and our B4 kits into schools transforms how digital technologies and AI are taught. It equips students with essential skills for the future, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and technological literacy. Moreover, it prepares students for a rapidly evolving job market where AI and digital skills are increasingly in demand. By integrating MyComputerBrain, schools can stay at the forefront of educational innovation, ensuring that their students are not only consumers of technology but also creators and innovators in the digital world.

More Information

For more information about the Digital Technologies Institute and its initiatives, please visit 


For more information about MyComputerBrain and its offerings, you can visit

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