• Computer Variable

    SKU: B4-CV-1-4

    Variables are a fundamental concept in Digital Technologies. Most programs need them to hold values and to make decisions. However, variables are also very hard to understand, since they have both a name and a value of data they contain. Students often struggle with this distinction. This product is a tactile variable and is intended for demonstrations by the teacher in a classroom environment. This product is useful when students struggle with variables in computer programming. 


    By turning the 3D-printed dial, we set the binary value of the variable. This represents a computer program changing the variable value.


    This product has been designed with the new Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies in mind. 


      Included Modules

      • 1x Variable


      Included Accessories

      • 1x CR2032 Battery


      Note: Use only under adult supervision. Not suitable for small children who might be at risk of swallowing the battery.


      Not satisfied? Return the product to us within 30 days for a full refund. 


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