• Class Set of B4 Primary School Starter Kit

    Get 12 B4 Primary School Starter Kits for your classroom. 2 students can work in pairs and share one kit. Significant discounted compared to buying the kits individually. Save 20%. Free shipping. Save a further $120 when opting for electronic, rather than printed handbooks.


    The B4 Primary School Starter Kit contains the most important computer modules for primary students to get started in Digital Systems, Binary Data Representation, Variables, and Pixel Graphics.

    The B4 Primary School Starter Kit consists of 6 computing modules that represent core functions of a computer, such as binary counting, variables, adding, and graphics. With these, students undertake experiments which familiarises them with the binary number system and how computers work inside. 


    The approach is hands-on and interactive. Students learn through experimentation. Some of the experiments in the handbook are: 


    • We Learn to Count in Binary
    • Variables
    • Converting Binary Numbers to Decimal
    • Adding Two Numbers
    • Adding Three Numbers
    • Producing Graphics Output
    • Making Animations
    • Pixels


    This product complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive and is lead free. 


      Not satisfied? Return the B4 Primary School Starter Kit to us within 30 days for a full refund. 


      Included Parts per B4 Primary School Starter Kit


      1x Adder

      1x Binary Counter

      1x Decimal Display

      1x Dot Matrix Display

      2x Variable


      4 x 4 Pin Wires

      5 x 2 Pin Wires

      1x USB Cable


      1x Printed Student Handbook with eight experiments

      Lesson Videos (online)


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