AI Workshops

In partnership with QSITE Gold Coast Chapter and supported by YYY, we are conducting a series of exciting Artificial Intelligence workshops between June and November 2021

Who should attend?

Late primary, secondary and pre-service teachers looking to improve their understanding of artificial intelligence.

What does the workshop include?

The workshop provides a hands-on focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Participants obtain an introductory level understanding of AI and can recreate the activities in a classroom with students.


The workshop includes case studies and lesson plans showcasing existing practice, and school-wide scope & sequence, incorporating educational AI resources,

hands-on experiences with classroom-ready resources that target the Digital Technologies curriculum and other curricula areas. 


Workshop format

  1. What is machine learning?

  2. How do machines learn?

  3. Facial recognition

  4. Self-driving cars

  5. Anti-bullying AI

  6. Spot possible problems -> social and ethical issues

  7. Filter through problems

  8. Draft mini elevator pitch

  9. Sourcing your data - data bias 

  10. Build your prototype

  11. Test your prototype

  12. Pitch 


In this workshop, teachers will develop their own AI model and pitch it to their peers at the end of the workshop.

Event details

The workshop runs from 8:30am - 4:00pm ​

We will advise venues and dates soon.

Is there a cost? 

Participation is free.

What should I bring? 

Bring yourself, a water bottle and a laptop. We'll organise the rest, including lunch and morning tea, as well as lots of classroom-ready resources to take away.