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B4 Primary School Starter Kit

Digital Technologies play an increasing role in our lives. This Primary School Starter kit contains the most important components to conduct exciting and practical Digital Technologies experiments in the classroom and at home. We have made it to help students explore the fundamental operation of computers. It has been designed from the ground up to support students who are studying the new Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. The B4 supports the teaching of the knowledge and understanding of digital systems and the representation of data. In this course, we also cover binary addition, binary to decimal data conversion, and pixel graphics. 

In particular, this course helps students to understand variables, which are a notoriously hard and abstract concept for the young minds before year 7. The B4 makes variables tangible. Or have you ever held a variable in your hands? The B4 makes this possible. 

The B4 Primary School Starter Kit consists of 6 computing modules that represent core functions of a computer, such as binary counting, variables, adding, and graphics. With these, students undertake experiments which familiarises them with the binary number system and how computers work inside. 


Digital Technologies areas covered: Digital systems, representation of data, collecting, managing and analysing data, investigating and defining, generating and designing, producing and implementing, evaluating, collaborating and managing.


The B4 makes all these accessible with a practical hands-on approach that does not require a laptop or tablet computer.


Study Guide

The B4 Primary School Starter Kit is accompanied by a comprehensive course to guide teachers and students. Through a series of eight lessons, students experiment and learn about the binary system, variables, binary to decimal number conversion, how a computer adds numbers, making graphics output and animations and pixels. 

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