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B4 Computer Kits

Providing students with a firm understanding of the foundations of computing is a key objective of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. The B4 addresses this objective to help students explore the fundamental aspects of computing. It supports the teaching of the knowledge and understanding of digital systems, the representation of data and algorithms and helps tackle some of the hard concepts, such as binary numbers, variables and algorithm development.

The B4 consists of modules that represent core functions of a computer, such as binary counting, adding, memory, graphics, etc. With these, students undertake experiments which lead to increasingly sophisticated hardware and software arrangements.
The B4 operates at human speed and allows students to explore what is generally hidden inside the black box of their smartphone, tablets or laptops. Each B4 kit comes with handbooks jointly written by computing experts and teachers, and online videos containing a sequence of exciting experiments for the learner.
B4 addresses the learning needs of primary and secondary school students through dedicated course kits that are tailored to the cognitive abilities of the students and the curriculum requirements.

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