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This extension kits offers an exciting opportunity to dive deeper into the inner workings of a digital system by expanding the arithmetic capabilities of the B4 towards multiplication, division and beyond. In the process of implementing these capabilities from the ground up in a computer, students learn about loops, conditional jumps, data pointers and memory addresses. This curriculum follows the B4-style bottom-up motivational approach, in which computing concepts are introduced by need and motivated by context. Students gain an understanding of the practical necessity of computing concepts and learn about them from a hardware and a software perspective. The result is a deeper and more natural understanding of Digital Technologies. 


This product has been designed with the new Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies in mind.


B4 Arithmetics Extension Kit

SKU: B4-AEK-1-4
  • Not satisfied? Return the kit to us within 30 days for a full refund. 

  • 1x Control Unit 

    1x 2-Line-to-1-Line Selector

    1x Random Access Memory 16x4 bit

    2x Latch

    1x Automatic Programmer Arduino Shield (Extended Version)

    1x Splitter


    10 x 4 Pin Wires

    10 x 2 Pin Wires

    10 x 1 Pin Wires


    1x Student Handbook, 72 pages

    1x B4 Arduino Library (available for download)


    Note: Requires the B4 Computer Processor Kit (Sold Separately).

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