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Artificial Intelligence Teacher Workshop Brisbane, Forest Lake, 6. November 2021

QSITE and the Digital Technologies Institute, supported by Google Australia, are conducting an introductory-level workshop on Artificial Intelligence.

Who should attend?

Late primary, secondary and pre-service teachers looking to take their first steps in artificial intelligence.

When and where?

Date: 6th November 2021

Venue: St John’s Anglican College, Senior Campus, College Ave, Forest Lake QLD 4078

The workshop runs from 9am - 3:00pm

What does it cost?

Because of funding from Google Australia, we can provide the event free of charge.

​What does the workshop include?

The workshop provides a hands-on focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Participants obtain an introductory level understanding of AI and can recreate the curriculum-aligned activities in a classroom with students. There will be tons of hands-on activities and lesson plans, and we will keep tech jargon to a minimum. Don’t be afraid: You don’t need to be coding Ninja. Non-coders will be able to follow the entire workshop with ease.

Where can I register?

To register, go to

I have questions. Whom can I contact?

Email us here

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

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