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DT Hub releases new AI Course

In time for the new school year, the Digital Technologies Hub released a brand-new free AI course for teachers. We are pleased to disclose that the Digital Technologies Institute played a significant role in the design and creation of this course, and we want to share the news about this fantastic new resource.

Martin Richards, content manager at the DT Hub, is the driving force behind this course; working with him was an absolute joy and pleasure. Martin started creating AI resources, lesson plans and webinars about five years ago, long before AI rose to prominence in the education community. Now that is foresight!

The DT Hub has a dedicated page on AI, which illustrates AI's increasing importance and prominence in education. Head over to, and you will see the DT Hub's AI Classroom resources and the professional learning section:

Under Professional learning, click on 'AI course'.

The course consists of seven modules, which span AI introduction, the AI learning process, AI and programming (primary and secondary), AI applications, ethical aspects, and how an AI learns and functions inside.

The modules are bite-sized and designed to be easily and quickly consumed by teachers in preparation for their own AI teaching in the classroom. It isn't necessary to do all the modules to teach AI, so the modules stand independently. However, I would recommend doing the first module, 'Artificial intelligence: What’s it about?' first. It gives a great overview of the field and introduces the related terminology. It also touches on Generative AI and explains that the underlying technology of Artificial Neural Networks is so important to know about.

What I like about the course is that it has just about the right length of instructions, interleaved with videos, short callbacks, and reflection activities. There are also unplugged resources that teachers can download, such as an AI card activity.

The course interweaves with our MyComputerBrain AI, which provides several animations and deep dives, particularly in the final module about the Inner workings of AI.

It has never been easier to get started teaching AI in the classroom, so don't wait to head over to and


Dr. Karsten Schulz


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