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Getting started with MyComputerBrain

The MyComputerBrain platform is an excellent tool to help teach Artificial Intelligence in classrooms. This blog post is intended as a guide for Teachers to getting started with the platform and creating student accounts.

Welcome to our AI and Robotics course, which is our latest creation at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and robotics and an interactive and easy first step into the amazing world of AI.

First things first, we will need to login (or create a free teacher account).

Login View

Once you are logged in, navigate to the "Shop" by navigating into the "Account" page and selecting the "Shop" tab.

In the shop, you should see the following:


For this example we will create a single Student Account for the 6-Month Introduction to AI & Robotics Course.

Once added to cart, you will be able to checkout. We will ask your Billing Information and Card Information. The checkout is handled by Stripe, so we do not see or store your card details.

Teacher Portal - Viewing Accounts

If you navigate back to the "My Students" tab, you should see your new Student.

My Students View

Here you will see the Students' Usernames and Passwords to login and use the service. We also have a field where you can enter the first and/or last name of the Student, however, this is entirely optional.

Student Progress

Once you give the Student their account details and they log in, they can head on over to the course and work through the experiments.

While your student is working on the experiments, you can view their progress by selecting the "Student Progress" tab in your Account.

Student Progress View

Here you will be able to see where students are up to in their course, if they are stuck and generate course certificates.

As you may have noticed, the student's name is currently their username. If you have set the student's name in the "My Students" tab (by entering the information in the table and clicking "Save"), the student's name will instead appear.

Hopefully this post has made it easier for you to setup Student Accounts and get teaching faster. Till next time!


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