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Self-paced AI Workshop for Teachers

We've had a tremendous response on the Google-grant-funded Artificial Intelligence Workshop Series for primary, secondary and pre-service teachers, run by QSITE and the Digital Technologies Institute. Due to COVID related lockdowns and travel restrictions we had to limit the location of the workshops to South-East Queensland. However, we had many teachers from interstate and rural and remote areas enquire about a workshop in their vicinity.

In response, we created an online version of the workshop for teachers from all around the country. The workshop is free until Mach 31, 2022. To enrol, go to here to visit

The online version contains all the great content from the F2F workshop, links to resources and embeds the tools we use. Be it the Google Teachable Machine, MyComputerBrain, Replit, videos or PDFs. Everything you need to get started with AI in the classroom is there with detailed step by step instructions.

To get started, create an account by selecting the "Log In" button in the top right hand corner.

The "Log In" button takes you to the following page.

Here you can choose to create an account or log in with an already existing account. For convenience you may choose to log in and authenticate with Facebook or Google (this process is handled outside of our service with the respective entity. We do not receive your password).

You can access the online workshop once you have created your account and are logged in (you should see your name in the top right hand corner where "Log In" used to be).

Open the Online Course or click on the "Online Courses" button on the page and select the Artificial Intelligence Workshop.

Once enrolled, you can view the course. It should look something like this:

Each drop down menu is a module in the course and will cover a different aspect of Artificial Intelligence. When you click on a module, you'll see that it consists of a collection of steps.

Clicking on a step will bring you to a new page with the course content for that step.

That's all you need to know to get started with our online Artificial Intelligence Workshop. We've included some screenshots of the course below for you to look forward to.


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