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A New School Year

We hope you had a restful break and peaceful Christmas these past few weeks. The new school year is starting, and we would like to draw your attention to our resources to support you in your professional development and teaching, be it remote or in the classroom.

Artificial Intelligence

The self-paced Google grant-funded teacher PD continues to be freely available until Mach 31, 2022. To enrol, visit

The online version contains all the great content from the workshops we ran last year, with links to resources and the tools we used. Be it the Google Teachable Machine, MyComputerBrain, Replit, videos or PDFs: Everything you need to get started with AI in the classroom is there with detailed step by step instructions.

My Computer Brain

We have polished our online course system over the holidays, improving usability. It has engaging interactive courses for students on Artificial Intelligence, AI Robotics, Binary Numbers, How to Build a CPU, Computer Graphics, Algorithms Logic, and more. You can purchase student licenses from as little as $5 per student for a single course, or $10 for all courses for 3 months. Head over to MyComputerBrain to start exploring. As a registered teacher, head over to the shop to create student accounts.

B4 Computer Kits

Our physical computing kits have modules that represent core functions of a computer, such as binary counting, adding, memory, graphics, etc. With these, students undertake experiments which lead to increasingly sophisticated hardware and software arrangements.

The B4 operates at human speed and allows students to explore what is generally hidden inside the black box of their smartphones, tablets or laptops. Each B4 kit comes with lesson plans jointly written by computing experts and teachers and online videos containing a sequence of exciting experiments for the learner. The B4 Computer Kits have their virtual counterparts on My Computer Brain. Hear from the fantastic teachers Maree and Stephen from Galen Catholic College in Vic about their experiences with the B4 and how they use it. Their video is here. To check pricing and purchase kits, head over to the shop.

From the Digital Technologies Institute team, we wish you a wonderful and hopefully a bit less crazy year. Please contact us if you have any queries or if we can be of any help.


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