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Let's Clock

For some strange reason, we have been wanting to make our own clock for quite some time. If you followed our work with the B4 CPU Construction kit, you have seen that the Decimal Counter and Display Modules kind of led the way.

We wanted our clock to be sleek and show all the amazing tech that makes it work. So we set to work. Demoed for the first time at the National Education Summit 2021 Brisbane, we are releasing our newest product:

It is drawing inspiration from our Black Forest heritage (the origin of the cuckoo clock) we have created our own modern take. The ultra thin clock hides nothing. If you have ever wanted to see the inner electronics, this is the clock for you.

The clock comes with its own 3D-printed stand, charging cable and instruction manual. Just plug it into any USB port (even your laptops) and set the time with the 4 buttons. It doesn't get much easier than that.

For the tech enthusiast, we have added an ICSP port to make it freely programmable. Clock can be programmed from the Arduino ISP with an USBasp programmer and triggered through external signals. This means that Clock can be used as a universal 4-digit display. Applications include score counting in a pinball machine, stopwatch, timer, etc. We recently configured clock to display the time that a sphere travels between two photoelectric light barriers in a year 11 Physics gravity experiment. Isaac Newton would have been proud.

But when Clock is not doing these superhero things, it just sits on the desk and is the best clock it can be.

Available in blue, red or white.

Visit our shop for more information.


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