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The family has grown

Just over a year ago we announced the B4 Computer Processor for the classroom. Since then, we have added two extensions: Computer Graphics and Computer Arithmetics (Algorithms). Teachers requested a course for younger students about binary data and computer graphics: This led to the Primary School Starter Kit.

The latest addition to the B4 family is the Computer Memory kit. It is a stand-alone package that is also fully compatible with the B4 Computer Processor kit. It lets the learner look directly into the brain of the computer and experiment with it. With 101 LEDs it is a beauty to look at.

So here you go. There has never been a more tactile and way to explore digital systems, binary data, algorithms, computer graphics and more. Each kit comes with great online and printed course materials that have been co-developed with teachers, students, and with the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies in mind.

And if you are interested in bigger picture of how code runs our world, then have a look at our presentations.

And yes, the B4 continues to be made in Australia, proudly.

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