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At the Digital Technologies Institute are very excited to be part of the EdTech4Future's Digital K-12 Classroom summit 2020, which comes in an online format. With 50 global speakers and over 7,000 attendees already registered, there will be 3 days of live streaming. You can reserve your spot for this live event via this link

In my session, I will be talking about AI in the classroom and how accessible it is with local resources, ordinary laptops and small data sets.

There will be many examples on display, such as how AI can be used:

  • against cyberbullying,

  • for mathematical curve fitting for science experiments,

  • to help students understand learning strategies and the positive effects of revision on their brains increasing knowledge retention.

I also talk about other AI resources, such as lesson plans that teachers can find on the Digital Technologies Hub.

Hope you can make it.

The Doctor.

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