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COVID-19 Free DT Resources

As more students are learning remotely or from home, we want to provide them, their teachers and parents with affordable and engaging Digital Technologies resources to continue on their learning journey.

For the next three months, all of our online resources will be freely available to all students.

Students can explore artificial intelligence, binary numbers, pixel graphics, algorithms and the inner workings of a computer.

So how does this remote learning experience look like?

  1. Free, immersive online activities at

  2. Free, comprehensive lesson plans and shorter ones attached to each online lesson

  3. Free assessment tasks

  4. Free explanatory videos

To use, teachers or home-schooling parents first sign up themselves and then create free accounts for their students. We have described this process in this short presentation in the FAQ (direct link to the PDF).

At the Digital Technologies Institute, we hope you will find these resources useful. Feedback is always welcome.

Stay safe,

Karsten Schulz

CEO and Founder

Acknowledgements. We want to thank a great many teachers and parents who keep pushing forward with educating young learners under challenging circumstances.

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