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CreativITy 2022 – Gateways to the Future – Register Now

Kelvin Grove State College in Brisbane is hosting the 2022 Queensland Society for IT in Education State Conference this year. The event runs during the upcoming school holidays on Sept 19+20. Check out this website, which contains all the details of the two days Digital Tech + Digital Literacy conference, including keynote speakers, workshops, presentations, and the conference dinner.

With many tried and tested classroom activities, the Digital Technologies Institute will hold a two-hour workshop to get teachers started with Artificial Intelligence In the classroom. AI is easier than you think, so come and give it a go. In addition, there will be many more workshops on topics such as: Robotics programming using Python;

  • eSports - Creating an eSports curriculum plan;

  • Demystifying Arduinos: Simple Classroom Activities;

  • Robotics programming usingBlocks;

  • PHP / MySQL for Digital Solutions IA2 and IA3;

  • Taking your classroom robotics to international RoboRave robot competition;

  • Python game design on PyGamer for DigitalTechnologies V9 curriculum;

  • Robotics programming using Blocks

Visit the website for all the details, or contact the fantastic Lyn Allsop at for further information.


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