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Networking with the B4

In this exciting project, we're connecting the B4 CPU to WiFi to remote program a B4. The project teaches students the foundations of web-based networking and involves WiFi, a simple web server, a web client and the interfacing between the various components and the B4.

In the end, students can upload a small program as a String to a Web Server, which interfaces with the B4 CPU that then runs the program.

Install the B4 Arduino Library and download the project code from:

Shopping list:

  • 1x B4 Computer Processor Kit

  • 1x Arduino Uno

  • 1x Wifi Shield for Arduino Uno

  • 4x Jumper wires (male-male)

  • Female header pins

Suitable for students in the years 7/8 and 9/10. A small amount of soldering is required.

Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies content descriptors addressed:


  • ACTDIK034, ACTDIP038), ACTDIP040

The video below provides the detailed step-by step instructions for this project.


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