B4 Takes Students Back to the Future

We are super excited to announce the release of a new Australian-made tech kit for the classroom. The B4 is an educational computer kit with an accompanying study guide designed to help students explore the fundamental operation of computers under the new Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. By carefully removing barriers and abstraction layers from modern computers, we have made technology more accessible and more easily understandable for students and teachers. Check out our latest Newsletter for details.

Tutorial 1: Counting in Binary

In this first video tutorial we explore the function of the Program Counter module. We have a look at the binary number system and convert binary to decimal. The tutorial concludes by discussing the Clock signal, which is a computer's heartbeat.

B4 and Raspberry Pi or Arduino

We are sometimes asked about the difference between the B4 and the RaspberryPi or the Arduino. Firstly, we want to say that we have a huge respect for the makers and the communities behind both. They have been making, and continue to do so, enormous contributions to making computers accessible to everyone and getting them out in the real world (IoT). With the B4, we aim for deep understanding through simplicity and ease of use. Because of its simplicity, students can directly follow how a computer computes or stores data and how, by combining its modules intelligently, a computer emerges. The B4's modular approach is meant to open the black box that computers have become in the past 40 years

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